Available Building Blocks

We are the world leader in catalyst production equipment. Our pride is based on specially designed systems that are used by more than 100 machines worldwide.

Laser Measuring

Kirschenhofer has developed 2 measuring machines to cover the requirements of substrates for cars and trucks.
The device measures the circumference of the substrate and determines if it complies with the specification.
The same measuring machines are used to measure the finished part to determine the gap bulk density (GBD).
Measuring Software


Mat Station

Kirschenhofer supplies mat weighing stations with manual loading, automatic loading from packaging or loading from buffer.
The station is equipped with an automatic wrapping function. Automation of this process allows for faster and more accurate results.

Pushin Station

The stuffing station is equipped with a force measuring system to ensure that the mat is not damaged during the insertion process.
The station also has the Kirschenhofer patented variable insert cone.

Tube processing

Kirschenhofer supplies tube processing stations for pre- and post-sizing. The number of processing steps is freely configurable by the customer.

Engraver station

Engraver stations are used to scribe,pin-stamp or laser identification information on the tube. It consists of one or two engravers, which are automatically loaded and unloaded with a high-speed handling system.
The station can be equipped with needle printers or laser engravers.

Automated Infeed

Kirschenhofer offers the automatic feeding of substrates from belts or directly from the packaging.
Tube feed is offered via surface storage, or directly from grid boxes. Mat feed directly from the packaging or from mat buffers.

Automatic removal

The parts are removed by means of belts, automatic palletizing with robot handling or direct into grid boxes.
We also supply loading stations for driverless transport system.

Special Purpose Stations

Kirschenhofer developed a diverse range of stations for autonomous machines to determine product quality.
Non-contact tube thickness measurement, mats position control, pushing force measurement, substrate breakage detection, etc.

Manuel machines

Semi-automatic machines

Autonomous machines

UniversalCAT Machine