Sonic Drilling

Sonic is an advanced form of drilling that uses high frequency resonance energy that is generated in the Sonic head to drive a core cylinder into geological formations. During drilling the resonance energy with high frequencies is transmitted to the drill surface via the drill string. By simultaneously rotating the drill string, energy and impact are evenly distributed over the drilling surface.


  • Compact design requires small mounting space
  • Strong bearing system off the main shaft
  • Main shaft is designed as a hollow shaft, for most drilling methods
  • All mechanical components and bearing with time lubrication and cooling
  • compatible to drill rigs of all manufacturers
vibration metric imperial
frequency max. 0 – 160 Hz 0 – 160 Hz
centrifugal force 150 kN 33,7 k lbf
quantity of oil max. 140l 36,98 gal
oil pressure max. 300 bar 4351,13 psi


General data metric imperial
sonichead tilt max. 60 Grad 60 Grad
quantity of oil drill rig 200l 52,83 gal
engine power from drill rig 75 KW  100 HP
weight sonichead 620 kg 1367 lbs
drilling depth ca. 60m ca. 200 ft
drilling diameter ca. 160mm ca. 6 inch
rotary drive metric imperial
torque 2300 Nm / 280 bar 1210 lb-ft / 4060 psi
rotation max. 215 U/min 215 rpm
quantity of oil max 136l 35,93 gal
oil pressure max. 300 bar 4350 psi